The vision behind DavesFreePhotos is to provide high quality photos that are easily accessible and absolutely free.


All photos on can be freely used for commercial, personal, non-profit, artistic, or creative purposes.


Most of the photos were taken by David Niblack. He worked as a part-time graphic designer while in college when he got his first digital camera, a 2.1 megapixel Olympus. He found he enjoyed taking random photos. As an amateur photographer he knew he would not be able to sell his photos as serious stock photography. As a graphic designer he wished he had a site to go to for photos that he could use for designs without having to worry about infringing on copyrights. So he started posting his photos on his website.


Some of the benefits of DavesFreePhotos:


  • Images can be freely used for any purposes

    Commercial, business, personal, non-profit, educational… whatever you want. More information here.


  • You do not have to credit the photo with where it came from.

    Only if you would like to, it is not required.


  • No login required

    There will be no spam emails, no username or login password to remember. Everything is accessible as soon as you are on the site


  • High resolution images

    The vast majority of the images are very high resolution, the newer the image, the higher the resolution.


  • The proceeds from the site get reinvested into the site and camera equipment

    So as you use DavesFreePhotos, you encourage better photos and are helping improve the site!





The income from this site is pretty minimal. If you are interested in helping DavesFreePhotos continue to improve, you can donate below through PayPal. All funds from donations will be reinvested into camera equipment or improvements on DavesFreePhotos. We really appreciate the support!

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